Abstract plants

I saw someone in one of the Facebook groups do something similar to this but I don’t remember which group and who it was.  So…sorry!  I used Papertrey Ink stamps for the brush-like strokes, Inkadinkadoo for the plant, and Stampin Up!’s Kraft cardstock.  The inks are Fun Stampers Journey.  I have a love/hate relationship with these inks.  I love that they are so opaque but the cleanup is AWFUL.  It’s like you can never get all the ink off.  I enjoy this card because its my favorite word – VERSATILE.  Other than trying to clean the ink off my stamps, this card was literally made in 5 minutes.  Would have been 2 minutes if I didn’t need to dig my supplies out.  I’m still working out my craft storage and how I want it set up.  I kind of think this card needs something else, but I don’t know what and I’m not going to fool with it because it looks fine the way it is.  Please comment on what you would add if you think it needs something else too.

abstract dandelion


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