Lakeside cheat card

This is another card I made about 4 years ago.  Sorry for the resolution.  It’s a complete copy of Michelle Zindorf.  If you remember my earlier post on her card, this uses the same method but you just cut that card front in strips. I used a script background stamp on the cardstock base and framed the tree image with brown.  I think I got 3 cards out of that one card front.  This was a birthday card for my husband.  It made me happy, he was so proud of it he showed it to all of his family.  He’s not the type to do that so I know I had done well that time.

half mz card
$20 for 10 cards

My new jewelry stores!!!

I have opened my jewelry stores online through Etsy and Shopify.  I am so excited!! Here are some of the type of stuff I’m selling.  I need to make some more pieces but I have to slowly accumulate crystals and findings.  I hope you will check my shops out



Glitter Balloons

Ok, I will be honest and say I just hate this card.  The more I tried to do to it, the uglier it got.  I only think its fair to post my failures as well as the cards I like.  I tried to give the balloons “real” cords and that didn’t work out.  I wanted the washi strips to be random and fun but it just didn’t hit the mark.  Not my best work.  I don’t know if a bigger sentiment would have done better or a different color combo.  I give up on trying to figure out why I don’t like it.  glitter balloon.jpg

Scored flower sympathy

This card is intended to be a simple sympathy card.  I scored most of the card except for where the sentiment will go and added a black and white punched flower.  It’s a little too plain but I don’t know what else to add to it.  I hate when I have those moments with cards, when I know it needs something else but I’m not quite sure what it is.  You be the judge. flower sympathy

Swarovski AB crystals and Blue Zircon

These are some earrings I made yesterday.  I love how they came out.  The AB Crystals from Swarovski are just gorgeous. They reflect so many different colors.  The AB stands for Aurora Borealis, so that explains the many colors.  The blue just pops against it.  When I can get some small fuchsia crystals in, I’m duplicating this.  Contact me for price if you are interested in purchasing. AB and blue zircon

Triple threat

I have been dying to use this stamp set from Fun Stamper’s Journey.  My previous attempts were a hot mess.  I aimed for gender neutral colors so I can give this to anyone.  Same reason there is no sentiment.  Just letting you know now that it will be rare to see a sentiment on mine unless I already have a plan for where it’s going.  I put a large rhinestone on each of the stamps but the angle of the pictures have the bottom two looking kind of wonky.  Baker’s twine and rounded corners to finish everything off.

triad plants.jpg

My dilemma

This may sound silly to some of you but I have always wanted to have my own shop.  I never knew what I wanted to sell though.  With my love of paper crafts finally returning, I figured I might go that route and sell stamps and papers and the like.  Well, i have also become a hobbyist jewelry maker and I absolutely love that.  My head is spinning in two different directions and other than the fact that I am creating something, these two things don’t really have much in common.  I’m contemplating selling washi because I absolutely love all the little designs and hardly anyone ever uses a whole role of it, so selling samples is a pretty good idea.  I just want to get a side gig that won’t take me away from my family, is that too much to ask LOL.  What do you guys think?