Receipt Hog

Ok, I found another neat little app from reading The Penny Hoarder’s blog.  They recommended an app called “Receipt Hog”.  You scan in any receipt (seriously, any receipt) and it will give you coins or a chance at a slot pull.  When you reach a certain number of coins, you can cash them out at PayPal or Amazon.  I have had it for a week and have gotten 30 coins.  This is no means a quick way to get cash, but if your going to get receipts in your everyday life, might as well use them.  It does not matter where the receipt is from or what it is for, you just take a picture of the entire thing, tell the app who all was shopping (adult male, adult female, male child, female child).  Check it out!


My new budget

This is a screen shot of my new budget.  I hope I have gotten every category that I needed.  I really need to be better with money.  I don’t know if I will actually sit down with this and use it consistently but I have to do something.  I actually just saw a few things I left off, like me saving up for a new computer and my internet payment.  Luckily I did this in Word so it will be easily fixable.  It’s so hard to watch your spending.  My husband and I make good money for the place we live but we often don’t have a lot leftover.  I really want to have a good amount of savings just in case.  I’d love to travel some and for my kid to do all the things she wants to do.  If you like the budget and want an editable copy, send me an email at  It may take me a few hours (I work full time) but I will get it to you as soon as I can.  Thanks!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.05.58 PM

Jane’s Agenda shop

One of my favorite planner and budget shops is Jane’s Agenda.  You can find it at  She makes printable planner inserts or she can print them out for you.  I think she is not printing herself right now because of a move or something but I think she will resume.  Her stuff is colorful, which I love and functional.  I still use some of her printouts in my Plum Planner.  I just use a coil clip.  What I like most is that she doesn’t overwhelm you with choices.  I find that if I’m given too many choices, it stresses me out.  Anytime I have had a question, I received a response from her within 24 hours.  She has modified some of her printables for me as well.  If you like to print your own stuff, her shop is definitely one to try out.

Well, I signed up for a Mint account a couple weeks ago.  I don’t know if ya’ll have ever used their services (Yes, I’m Southern hence the “ya’ll”).  Its a free program and it links all the accounts you want it to into one system so you get an overall picture of your debt to income ratio.  I have my bank account, my CD’s , my prepaid Bluebird account, my mortgage, my personal loan, and my car loan linked.  At first, it was quite depressing to look at.  The mortgage is considered a negative credit in Mint even though it will result in a positive.  After having it a few days, it has made me more aware of my spending and where my money goes.  It sends messages to my cell phone telling me when I have a bill due which is very nice because most of my bills are automatic withdrawals. Today I downloaded the mobile app.  I don’t care for it as much as the desktop version but I haven’t gotten in there to really play around.  Overall, if you are looking to categorize your spending, this is such a useful app.  You can break it down to categorizing things under “hobby”.  If you are looking for an easy way to see where your money is going, I really think you need to check out Mint. Just go to and sign up for an account.  Ya’ll let me know what you think about it.

Need to check out SwagBucks

Ok, towards the end of last year I found a site called Swagbucks ( while I was reading an article on The Penny Hoarder site (  I have to say, it has been an interesting site and I really enjoy it.  The basic premise of Swagbucks is that you can do different actions to earn Swagbucks which can later be redeemed for gift cards or other things.  Every 100 points is equivalent to $1.  There are surveys you can take (which usually pay the most points but sometimes its a bit difficult to qualify for them), watch videos, discover new content, play games, and shop.  With the play games or shop version, you have to spend money and you will be rewarded with Swaybacks later.  For example, if you were to shop online at you would get 5   Swagbucks for every dollar spent (not including shipping or taxes).  There are quite a few places that you can shop online and do this but the MOST important thing about the shopping is that you must first go to the Swagbucks site, then pick the store to shop at.  That way, you get credited for your purchase.  I do a lot of online shopping so this is great for me.  The watching videos is also great for me because I can just turn it on and go do something else.  Every now and then you have to check it to make sure it is still playing (and it will ask you if you are still watching) but that takes like a second and a half.  This is one of the ways I am saving up towards Christmas this year.  It’s slow and unless you do it all day everyday, your not going to make a fortune.  Just make sure to sign up for their Facebook posts because most days they will post a Swagbucks code on their Facebook page and you enter that code on their website or mobile app and you can get between 2-6 Swagbucks just for that.  Check it out, it’s pretty interesting.

My blog update

OMG, after about 6 hours of Youtube watching and Facebook stalking the wonderful Kathleen Driggers, I almost have my blog the way I want it.  A few more tweaks and it will be there.  I have a gallery of the cards I have for sale at the moment and a new topic that is near and dear to my heart/wallet: BUDGETING.  I’d like to encourage participation in the budgeting portion of my site.  Let others know what works or didn’t work for you.  I hope you take a look around and stop by the “cards for sale” section.  Thank you all for visiting me!

Budgeting and me

I figured if I was going to everyone on a card making journey with me, I might as well take you on a budgeting one with me as well.  Since rediscovering my love of paper crafts, my poor wallet has taken a hit.  I’d love to hear how you manage to keep your craft spending reasonable (is that possible???) and how you keep a budget.  I also have a few printables I will share that I have found useful and some that were not so useful for me but might be for one of you.  Thanks for taking this journey with me.