Jane’s Agenda shop

One of my favorite planner and budget shops is Jane’s Agenda.  You can find it at www.janesagenda.com.  She makes printable planner inserts or she can print them out for you.  I think she is not printing herself right now because of a move or something but I think she will resume.  Her stuff is colorful, which I love and functional.  I still use some of her printouts in my Plum Planner.  I just use a coil clip.  What I like most is that she doesn’t overwhelm you with choices.  I find that if I’m given too many choices, it stresses me out.  Anytime I have had a question, I received a response from her within 24 hours.  She has modified some of her printables for me as well.  If you like to print your own stuff, her shop is definitely one to try out.



I’ll admit that I have not yet purchased from Kathleen Driggers but I will be getting my Stampaholic from her.  The reason I am reviewing her and listing her as a favorite before actually purchasing anything is because she is an outstanding person.  My blog is brand new, and I had a lot of questions.  She took the time out of her day to chat with me on Facebook about how to do some different things with my blog and has answered many stamping questions I have had.  You can’t beat that kind of customer service.  I am constantly on Facebook and all I see are positive comments about her and her shop.  I really hope you check it out. It is www.katscrappiness.com.  You will be satisfied or she will do everything in her power to make sure you get what you want.

Sonya DeHart Designs on Etsy

This was the first shop I found when I decided to look for digital papers for my planner pages that I had high hopes of building (still no progress on that…) but I absolutely loved her designs.  She always has some sale going on.  The picture below is pretty much what her stuff looks like.  And you have to admit, that is a great price if you make your own planner stickers.  Check her out on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SonyaDeHartDesign.  She is quick with customer service and has always been a pleasure when buying from her.